FAQs for Q-UP: The Card Game

What skills do students learn from playing Q-UP: The Card Game?

Q-UP is inspired by the Stanford d.school of design thinking, which teaches students to become innovative and creative thinkers. By asking students to think about who would care about a problem and why, Q-UP encourages students to put their empathy, curiosity, and problem-solving skills in play. By allowing them to see and vote on the best responses their peers provide, students also learn to see problems from other people’s perspectives.

Why is there a card game and an app?

Q-UP: The Card Game is a tech-free version of the Q-UP app. We are dedicated to making fun, educational opportunities accessible to all students regardless of their economic background, so offering an option to play and practice offline was essential. We make it our mission to give teachers the resources to teach students the foundational skills of empathy, curiosity, and problem solving both with and without technology.

What are the QUP Lesson Plans?

When you purchase Q-UP: The Card Game, you will also receive a series of digital lesson plans. The lesson plans provide support for teachers to customize learning and gamify classroom content for an engaging and collaborative experience.

Is there a maximum number of players?

Nope! You can play with as many people as you like.

What’s the age range for this game?

The suggested age range for this is persons 10 and up.

How long does the game take to play?

A typical game takes about 30 minutes, with teams playing three to five rounds. Of course, you can always challenge the opposing team to a longer game for even more bragging rights. Best of 10, anyone?

What kinds of topics do the questions cover?

Whether students are interested in pop culture, politics, science, fashion, current events, or another subject, we have a question for them! We designed the problem statements to appeal to a wide variety of students, and most importantly, to show them that they can apply their problem-solving skills to their lives outside the classroom.

Are expansion packs available?

We are currently working on creating expansion packs so that you can enhance your deck with more questions about your favorite topics. Until those become available, keep practicing with the standard deck so you can amaze your opponents with your brainpower once the new questions are released!

I told a friend/teacher about the game, and they want to play with their class. Where can they get a copy?

We would love to get them in on the game! Tell them to register their school for Q-UP at playqup.com.  We will reach out to them directly to ensure that they get their hands on a deck.

How does the game help us fundraise?

Students can compete against other schools to fundraise for their team on the app, which is free to use. Q-UP: The Card Game is a hands-on way to practice in the classroom. To sign up for early access, visit playqup.com.